About us

The team behind NZ Granny Flats has been in the construction industry for almost 20 years. We know the Christchurch building landscape well.

With an aging population and future housing shortage crisis, we saw a very real need for a local company that specialises in affordable, comfortable ‘granny flats’ – one or two bedroom spaces that can be used as a home, or for extra accommodation. 

Our personal values are very family-focused, so we wanted to set up a business that would enable us to build safe, warm, healthy homes with the same care and attention as if it were for one of our own family. We have even named each flat design after our grandparents and elderly relatives!

With that in mind, we thought about what we would want if we were building a flat for a family member. 

As well as being affordable, we wanted to be able to offer a quality product, with excellent workmanship that would last. It was also important that our flats were low maintenance, and – above all – we wanted the process to be easy.

By designing 13 product options, allowing for customisation and constructing all builds directly on-site, we are able to keep costs down – with savings passed on to our clients.  We also take care of everything, including the paperwork, so there are no issues or hidden costs.

We would recommend a Granny Flat for any of our relatives – and for yours too.


Is a Granny Flat right for you?

Granny Flats are not just for grannies. Our designs are ideally suited to a range of uses and can also be future-proofed for changes in use and location. 

Granny Flats are ideal for:

  • Elderly people or young families who want to move closer to family for safety, security and support.

  • People who want a low maintenance, cost-effective way of living – ideal for retirees.

  • Those who want to free themselves financially by downsizing to allow them to do more of what they enjoy doing, such as travelling.

  • People who want to be able to increase the value of their property by adding a secondary dwelling, while being able to rent their investment out for a return.

  • People who want to move out to the country but don’t want to have a large mortgage. If you decide to build a larger dwelling later, you can rent your Granny Flat or sell it to be relocated.